My workshop on dressing for an interview

Workshop with El Diario and Macy's By Mercedes Sanchez

On Saturday I spoke to a group of teenagers on how to dress for an interview at the El Diario and Impre Media headquarters. Macy's sponsors their Señoritas de Nuestro Futuro workshops, and this year they asked me to lead their fashion and beauty seminar.

The day before, I met with the marketing team at Macy's and pulled two suits for an interactive demonstration which was a big hit! Below are some photos from the workshop.

senoritas de nuestro futoro el diario

After my workshop with the high school juniors and seniors at El Diario

Answering questions during the Q&A session

Taping a short video for their Mujeres Destacadas luncheon taking place next Friday. I'm so sad to miss it, but I'll be speaking at a conference in Miami

Here's the video from the workshop:

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