Stay Chic During the Recession

A VERY "BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY's" BIRTHDAY Audrey If you're an Audrey Hepburn fan, then you're familiar with Breakfast At Tiffany's. Well, meet Joselyn Martinez- a performer, actress and singer who for her birthday invited her girlfriends over for "breakfast at Joselyn's". The girls had brunch and invited the boys for the latter part of the day.

With the recession and all Joselyn says, "I didn't want to burden people with a party right after the huge holidays. I wanted to see what I could come up with. Besides I come from a Dominican background and good or bad, there is always a party". To make it an even better function, she ordered food from the upper Manhattan hotspot Mamajuana and hired astrologist Rebecca Gordon.

Not only did Joselyn look fabulous as she rocked a cigarette holder just as Audrey did in the film, but I couldn't help but notice the very chic skirt she wore. Like Joselyn, I also own a pair. This pink bubble skirt is one of those few items one seldom comes across: inexpensive, chic and I wouldn't mind wearing it again! - Mercedes Sanchez Check out the photo gallery below:[nggallery id=86]