Outfit of the Day: Striped Dress and Fanny Pack

What I wore to meet seamstresses in Fortaleza's countryside

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Today we learned about a new project involving fashion and business in the state of Ceara, Brazil.

Coelce, a private electric company, has been partnering with women from different communities across Ceara to help develop the state's economy. Coelce develops ideas (products) based on the women's talents and skills, and then focuses on finance management and commerce. Because we're here for fashion week in Fortaleza, we met seamstresses who are working directly with local fashion designer Iivanildo Nunes .

The ride to their workplace was almost two hours from the hotel so I made sure to dress comfortable.

fanny pack

 Dress: Old Navy | Fanny Pack: American Apparel (old) | Slip-ons: Nike/DSW

coelce women designers fortaleza brazil

International journalists with the seamstresses from Ceara

coelce brazil fashion

Since 2000, Coelce has developed 38 communities involving 5,000 women. So far the program has earned $1 Million Reals in revenue.

This weekend we're going to see their handmade craft live from the runway at the Iivanildo Nunes fashion show during Dragão Fashion Brasil. Stay tuned for a full blog post on that.

ivanildo Nunes

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