Keeping it basic with a white tee and shorts

I don't feel comfortable wearing shorts in public. I have this complex about having skinny legs. I'm happy with my thighs but my legs are pretty skinny. That didn't stop me from flaunting my bare legs a few days ago, but you won't see me on the subway or walking down my neighborhood in these shorts. It's unfortunate how we can stop ourselves from doing something because of our insecurities.

latina style expert mercedes sanchezWhite tee and shorts for summer white tee and shorts summer trends

Keeping your fashion choices basic isn't always a bad thing. I woke up, took a quick shower, put on my bathing suit and white top and denim shorts. I know it had a lot to do with the fact that I was away from the city. Back at home I would wear shorts only if they were right above the knee.

teva sandalsI played frisbee in these new Teva sandals. See how I wore them with a navy blue dress.

rose wine be chic mag

Oh, my drink of choice this summer is a chilled glass (or red cup) of rosé. A friend of mine also introduced me to gin and grapefruit. Not so bad.

mercedes sanchez blogger

What about you? Do you stop yourself from wearing something because of a body complex or insecurities? I'll try not to worry so much about my skinny legs.

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