WHO WORE IT BEST? ilovenygolddress1.jpg


No, you're not seeing double! Over the past few days I've had friends telling me they saw drama queen New York from the VH1 series "I Love New York" wearing a dress I rocked in November 2006. Then while reading the New York Post today, I see a cd review of former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee wearing the same dress on her cd cover! I can't help but be proud of the fact that I am almost positive I was the first to wear the dress. Now I don't know where the others bought it, but I am proud to say, I purchased mine at the H&M on Fifth Avenue! Who would've thought a trend was started for less than $60. And by coincidence, I sported the same gown but with a more casual touch this week at Shecky's. I switched the stilletos for boots, the bare legs for jeans and the blown out hair for a more natural, wavy look.

I personally like how McPhee gave it a naughty look, but who do you think wore it best? p.s. check out my one on one interview with New York by clicking here.*ms

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