No thigh gap here

Remember those "super stretchy" jeans I told you about on Snapchat? Here they are. And I love them. thigh gap

To be honest, I don't wear jeans often. I bought a pair of Levi's two years ago at an outlet in Las Vegas and haven't bought a new pair since. Until last week.

For me jeans are complicated. Even when I'm buying a pair "in my size," some won't go pass by hips. Others won't go pass by thighs. And when they seem to finally fit, they're not always flattering. Perhaps that's why I still away from buying denim pants.

But this pair from H&M didn't disappoint, and they were less than $20!

streetstyle jeans

This Labor Day Weekend, I stopped by the First Street Garden to get a picture by the Drake mural in my "Views" T-shirt. (My sister got it for me after the Madison Square Garden concert.) I've been trying to make it to the mural all month, and guess what? The image was replaced by a Beyonce mural. I was disappointed.

beyonce mural

Another group arrived shortly after and was as surprised as I was to see that the Drake mural disappeared. Apparently the painting was added to encourage viewers to vote for "Hotling Bling" before the MTV Video Awards. And now that the award show is over, the wall space has been updated with Beyonce for her "Video of the Year" win.

drake views shirt

H&M Jeans

street stylestreetstyle jeans

What about you? How often do you buy jeans?

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