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Strange Purses By Mercedes Sanchez

I have an upcoming fashion segment, and I spent my weekend trying to locate unusual and strange handbags similar to a few we noticed around Lincoln Center during Fashion Week.

UPDATE: WATCH my segment on Despierta America here.

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This year we’ve seen an increase in strange purses. Because most of them come in animal shapes or things like ice cream cones, one would think they are for little girls, but it’s become a trend among women.

Of course the influence of some fashion bloggers and celebrities contributes to the trend. And who doesn't want an accessory that stands out?

So, what do you wear with a strange purse?

mercedes sanchez Style Expert Mercedes Sanchez at Toy Tokyo in New York City

Keep it simple. Although the purse is meant to be unusual and strange, you don’t want to look ridiculous. If you’re going to wear a purse in shaped of animal, or a face of Lion, less is more when it comes to the rest of your outfit. You’re already making a statement with your purse, so try not to wear any mixed prints or bold colors.

During fashion week we saw the model, Chiara, carrying a Sponge Bob handbag from Moschino that matched her yellow dress.

Rihanna carried an Alexander Wang clutch, which is a tribute to Air Jordans. The purse looked like the bottom of the sneaker.

rihanna and alexander wang purse Rihanna with Alexander Wang clutch

Dolce and Gabbana debuted a strange purse of their own: a handbag that includes a doll in a case. Many thought it was a little creepy. (See slideshow on top).

mod cloth ice cream cone

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, ModCloth.com has other animal-shaped purses like cats, foxes, bats, and the ice cream cone shown above.

football purse
And now that we’re in football season, I found this bag in shape of a shoe honoring a football team on BradfordExchange.com.

If you want some of these  bags, you have to get a little creative because they're not so easy to find.

That's why I stopped by stores like Toy Tokyo that carry different backpacks. RetroPlanet.com is also a good source. They have a range of odd items like bags in form of a chicken and a record player.


chicken bag

 Chicken Bag from RetroPlanet.com 

Would you wear any of these bags?

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