By Bijoux Do you know what comes after Awards Season? Fashion Week- or should we say Fashion Weeks. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hits Lincoln Center in early February, and we caught up with Florida-based Venezuelan designer Viviana Gabeiras via phone as she preps for Miami International Fashion Week's kick-off party.

THE DESIGNER Viviana designs for Petit Pois- a contemporary women's line with fun, sensual and colorful pieces.  "It's a lifestyle collection that's timeless and ageless," says Gabeiras.

Her voice exuded the passion she has for fashion just in her voice alone. Immediately you just could tell this is something she loves to do.


Speaking to Vivian was more like catching up with an old friend. She was open about her journey and obstacles. With the help of her husband who handles all things administrative, Viviana says their relationship has survived because their talents brought them closer and both have contributed to the success of Petit Pois without causing a damper on their marriage.

From mother to wife to grandmother to designer, Gabeiras has a sense of balance and calmness within. The name Petit Pois also resembles this: Pois meaning a little pea and the color green representing luck and wealth.   Speaking of wealth, Viviana has done well in her market and has over 1200 stores worldwide.

Viviana urges those who want to begin in the field of fashion to gain as much experience as possible and study their craft to its core. "Grow as a person and as a designer, that’s how you will transcend through your designs and adjust to different things," says Gabeiras.

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