White bodysuit in California

Hi, guys! I just got back from a long weekend in Long Beach, California. I went there for a conference but made sure to take time to relax and wear some cute outfits like this white bodysuit I bought at Forever 21. I haven't worn one in at least 10 years! I'm glad many stores are making them again.  mercedes sanchez latina lifestyle expert

I posted this photo on my Instagram page earlier today with the following somewhat personal note: 

... But I tore down my walls and opened my doors 

For those of you who don't know, I started my career as a features writer in magazines and in the New York Post. I also worked as a press officer for the Bronx Borough President before becoming a producer at NBC and then LATV

Later I was out of work for a bit and that's when I started focusing more on the blog back in 2010. Then I landed a part-time gig at a local college in their PR department. It was a great position in the field that I love: Communications. I was there for six years and still managed to travel internationally and work on BeChicMag.com and become a sought-after lifestyle expert. 

But after six years at the day gig, I decided it was time to attempt - and succeed- in pursuing my passion in lifestyle full time. It's not easy and sometimes I get nervous and doubtful, but it's all about giving it a go and seeing where I can take it. 

If I don't try, I'll never know. 

Thanks for supporting me all these years. I'm going to need my loyal audience now more than ever.

A trip to California for a blogging/business conference was exactly what I needed as I pursue this career full-time. Stay tuned for two more posts about my trip to Los Angeles.  Love,