Sunday Stroll through NoLita

If you're wondering where NoLita is, it's located north of Little Italy here in Manhattan. And that's where you'll find Logan Hick's "Story of My Life" mural for the next three months. logan hicks bowery mural I was a little hesitant to leave the house in these white shorts. I bought them at H&M last week. Instead of my usual size 4, I had to go up to a size 8. And I think a size 10 would have been an even better fit. I don't understand how they go about sizing their garments. It's like the opposite of "vanity sizing."

latina fashion closet

If you read my last post or follow me on Instagram then you know I've shared some thoughts about my weight gain. But here I am on my way to pick up dinner at Cafe Habana on Elizabeth Street. I guess I don't mind the extra pounds too much.

cafe habana soho

Yet here I am trying to hide my gut for the photo. I can't help myself. Doesn't that grilled corn look so good? I also visited Cafe Habana's Malibu spot in April. 

street style shorts

Have you stopped by the Bowery Mural Wall?

Gothamist says, "The sprawling, intricate piece is called 'Story of My Life,' and it depicts what the corner of Spring and Greene Streets would look like if everyone important to Hicks happened to be walking down the same NYC street at the same time. Last spring Hicks had dozens of his friends and fellow artists stroll up and down the SoHo block again and again as he took about a thousand photos, which helped him create a composite sketch."

logan hicks bowery

I put on red lipstick after recording a makeup tutorial for YouTube. In my latest video I talk about my 5-minute morning beauty routine.

latina beauty mercedes sanchez

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