What I Wore to Ambassador's House in Brazil

Dinner with Brazilian ambassadors and their kin By Mercedes Sanchez

One of my favorite evenings in Brazil took place at the house of Jocelyne Saint-Geours, the French ambassador in Brazil. Her home was incredibly beautiful, enormous and perfect for a party.

There we met Dario and Eliana Murargy whose parents are ambassadors of Mozambique -- their dad in Brazil and mom in Switzerland. Talk about being international!

See photos and video from Eliana's show

For the dinner party honoring French designer Sakina, I wore a black blazer over my one-shoulder white mini dress with an old pair of gold shoes and a chic side ponytail.

Take a look at some of the photos below.

french ambassador brazil bechic

Mercedes with Dario and Simone

eliana murargy bechic With Eliana Murargy the night before her collection debut

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