BeChicMag.com and Hilary Swank BeChicMag BeChicMag.com was front and center with Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank at the Amelia press conference on Friday. We sat only feet away from a Lockheed Electra- the actual aircraft used in the film. Swank plays Amelia Earhart- the first woman to fly across the Atlantic who in the summer of 1937 set off on her mission to fly solo around the world, a journey in which she foresaw to become one of the most talked about in history.

Fox Searchlight Pictures welcomed us at the Airbound Aviation at the Essex County Airport in New Jersey for a panel discussion with Hilary Swank, director Mira Nair, author Susan Butler of “East to the Dawn: The Life of Amelia Earhart,"  author Elgen Long of “Amelia Earhart: The Mystery Solved," and president of the Ninety-Nines Susan Larson. Hilary told us she read the authors' books to get more familiar with Earhart.

“It’s a big responsibility to play someone who really lived and is iconic,” said Swank. It is important for Hilary to “get under the skin” of each character she plays in her films. Not only did she read the authors' books and watched hours of footage on Amelia Earhart to perfect her accent, Hilary Swank also took flying lessons in trying to become more familiar with Earhart.

BeChicMag She describes flying as "euphoric" because it was like learning how to ride a bike; it was a first. “It takes all of our senses. You’re completely immersed. It’s dangerous, adventurous…all of the things that I love and think Amelia loved." It is this attitude that director Mira Nair loves about Hilary. Nair says that like Amelia, Hilary is a “daredevil". Hilary is willing to take risks and this is a passion she brings from within. This passion would be hard to direct in others because it wouldn’t come out so natural, but with Hilary, “it was real."

BeChicMag Hilary says Amelia Earhart “lived her life the way she wanted to live it. [Amelia] made no apologies for saying this is my life; this is how I see it and how I want it to be done.”  Like Amelia “you can live life the way you want it and find love and experience your dreams and have it all."

Be sure to catch the story of this legendary woman when Amelia hits theaters on October 23rd. I want to end with a comment made by Hilary Swank when she described Amelia's character. "You only live once- might as well be doing what you love." I hope you’re all doing what you love, and staying chic while you’re at it! - Arleny Genao