MERCEDES' REVIEW ON MOORE'S LATEST PROJECT Well, well... I'm sure I'm not the only one who left the movie theater after watching Michael Moore's "SICKO" with the feeling of taking French lessons and moving to Paris. Or- because I know the language- I could just pack my bags and settle down in London instead for its National Health Insurance, where the government provides free health coverage for all its residents despite their financial and employment status.

I left the theater feeling both inspired and upset. I'm insured and last week I went to the Ear and Eye infirmary as a walk-in and spent an entire day to be seen by the doctor. I have my own personal issues with health insurance including paying a ridiculous premium each month. And as Moore exposes you to how other parts of the world- including Cuba- provide good and equal health care it made me realize just how unfair Americans are being treated by their own leaders. It's disturbing and very sickening.

Michael Moore has covered various topics well, but this documentary was just brilliant. It's a must-see for everyone.*mercedes sanchez