Is it me, or does the Jamba Juice Femme Boost make you a little giddy? For the second time this month, I had a sixteen sized Pomegranate Paradise Jamba Juice smoothie and asked for their complimentary femme boost. I thought I could use some calcium and iron, plus the folic acid didn't sound too bad. While consuming the savory shake while on the subway, I noticed myself laughing at my friend's silly and very unfunny jokes and just having a blast. I rather not have others listen to my conversations on the train, so I usually prefer not to speak as much, but this week was an exception as I couldn't stop giggling and didn't care who saw. And I am convinced this was the side effect of the femme boost. After the boost took control of my body, I just had to find out if it in fact holds any special herbal ingredients so I asked Jamba Juice's own public relations manager Anne Baker.

"As much as we would love to say that the Femme Boost could create giddiness and happiness for all our customers, we can't make that claim," says Baker. "If we could, I think we would be selling it to the government to put in the water!"


According to Baker, the Femme Boost provides: Folic acid to support a healthy nervous system, calcium for strong bones, iron for healthy blood, magnesium to support a healthy heartbeat, and hormone-balancing herbs and extracts to keep you cheery all year long. As an added bonus, soy isoflavones are blended in to support reproductive health and comfort, especially during and after menopause. So along with getting your five servings of fruit from just that one smoothie, you were getting a boost that packs in many of the vitamins and minerals that are important for a women’s health. No wonder you felt giddy," explains Baker.

If you haven't tried the new Pomegranate Paradise I recommend you hit your local Jamba Juice and splurge on your choice of boost and for that natural high, ask for the Femme. *mercedes sanchez