How to make a DIY Dandelion Serum

Did you know it was National Dandelion Day on April 5? I made this simple DIY Dandelion Serum using dandelion leaves, aloe vera and Vitamin E and then stopped by Univision 41's morning show "Al Despertar" to  share my beauty recipe. Dandelions contain Vitamin C and help detox and cleanse clogged pores, reduce the appearance of red/acne scars and can help brighten and tighten the skin. (Dandelion leaves also have health benefits and can be easily added to your smoothies, FYI!) 

  • Dandelion flowers are hard to find, so I used 5-6 dandelion leaves instead. 
  •  Mix it into blender or food processor along with aloe vera
  • Strain dandelions, squeezing out all the aloe
  • Add the vitamin E
  • For more of a dandelion touch, I added dandelion drops at the end. 
  • Then you apply it on your skin: after the facial cleanser but before the moisturizer. 
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Lifestyle Expert Mercedes Sanchez on Univision 41 Al Despertar

Lifestyle Expert Mercedes Sanchez on Univision 41 Al Despertar

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