Take a break from the Northeastern cold

It’s still officially autumn, but that didn’t stop us from going on a Winter Getaway. It’s so cold in New York City, so we flew down to Orlando for some fun in the sun.

It was only a 2-day vacation, but we were able to do so much thanks to our friends at Mazda: hanging poolside in the hotel, celebrating a cousin’s wedding, sightseeing at Lake Eola and enjoying at short road trip to Tampa.

First thing’s first: The Wedding.

yellow dress fsor wedding.jpg

I’m so glad I bought this dress in the summer. I was at a department store shopping for basics for my trip to the Dominican Republic when I came across this yellow dress. I tried it on and loved it. It spent the entire summer in the closet until it was time for my cousin’s wedding. The best part? It was so easy to iron.

The wedding took place in Downtown Orlando but we found a good hotel deal by Lake Mary. It was just about a 20 - 30 minute ride. We arrived to the venue in style in our 2019 Mazda CX-9. Style and Comfort. Two words I live by. Literally. Check out my fanny pack. I had it on for most of the reception.

Mazda CX-9 style.jpg

My sisters asked me repeatedly to take it off. So I removed it before some of the family photos but I put it back on when it was time to dance. It’s so convenient. I didn’t have to worry about carrying a handbag and leaving it alone for the entire night. This might be my new thing. We’ll see .. ;)

orlando wedding.jpg
yellow dress.jpg

The following morning we walked by Lake Eola. I visit Orlando once a year, but this was my first time by the lake. I couldn’t believe it. We saw dozens of swans and got on paddle boat to get a closer look at their fountain.

lake eola travel blogger.jpg

Later that afternoon we drove to Tampa to visit more family. The Apple CarPlay made our trip more enjoyable (and safer) because we were able to play our favorite music, navigate the GPS and make calls without having to look at our phones.

mazda road trip.jpg
road trip orlando.jpg
mazda travel blogger.jpg

The sun roof was another fun feature in the 2019 Mazda CX-9. It was too humid so we only opened it for a little while.

Once we got to Tampa, my aunt fixed us a delicious shrimp mofongo.

food blogger .jpg

The drive to Tampa was about an hour and 40 minutes each way. I don’t mind road trips, but it can be tiresome. The Mazda CX-9 has built in televisions with the car. I wonder if they can connect to Netflix?

mazda cx9.JPG

We returned to Orlando that evening, and the next day flew back to New York City. Just like that our weekend getaway was over.

There’s always so much to do in Orlando. Now that the holidays are coming up, I strongly recommend you look into Universal Studios and visit their Universal Macy’s Parade. We were invited last year and had a blast.

Until next time, Florida!

mazda cx 9 be chic mag.JPG