The other side of being a female bachata singer

Bachatera Launches Blog on Self-Acceptance, Music, and Beautyfemale bachata

After being told she was "too fat" and that women can't succeed in bachata, NYC-based artist Marlyn Jimenez fell into depression.

Today Marlyn is sharing her story on why she decided to ignore the naysayers and why she continues to pursue her music career in the male-dominated genre.

In her recent blog post and video diary, "Rebirth," (see below) Marlyn shares her personal fears, her experience with depression, and why she chose to live by her own rules.

When she's not in NY, Marlyn performs across the country in cities like Houston and Chicago.

Can't wait to see what else she has to say about being a Latina music artist on the rise, double standards in bachata, and inspirational thoughts on image and self-acceptance. She also covers her own day-to-day beauty tips on her new blog.

She has many songs but here's one I like to sing along to on Soundcloud:

Here's the video diary I mentioned earlier:

Read about her "Rebirth" here. 

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