RKM & Ken-Y for Pepsi MAX

By Camlyn rakim y ken-y Pepsi Reggaetoneros RKM & Ken-Y, join Pepsi MAX for the opportunity of a lifetime. Pepsi MAX is launching their “Field of Dreams” team where fans can choose their players straight from the Major Leagues and create their own All Star team. For each ballot cast, fans will be a step closer to winning a chance to play alongside the All Stars in their hometown!

Via a phone interview, I spoke with Ken-Y. Take a look at our Q&A below:

I know you guys have a new album to promote. How do you involve every generation in the music? For example, I listen to your music and so do my  younger cousins, my mother and even my grandmother. How do you guys do it?!

We like to make music that is appropriate for all ages, something with a positive message and buen ritmo. We like to let our listeners know that our music no es solamente about partying. We like to keep our music timeless and come up with lyrics que llegen al corazon. How are you accomplishing that with your new album?

The new album is called Forever. We just wanted to bring back those enamorados memories. We wanted to bring back los amores de high school with the love stories someone can only have during this time, you know, las cartas de amor and the late night phone calls. Now I know you guys are always on the road, how do you manage to maintain healthy? Any beauty routines? (laughs) Well, we try to stay as fit as possible to maintain our image but you know we’re Latinos. It's in our blood; nos gusta comer! But we usually try to contain ourselves. We go to the gym and make sure our nutrition is always first.

How has your fan base reacted with your collaboration with Pepsi MAX? We love to see our fans engaged. They seem to love it! We are excited because it’s a very positive event. Inspira a la juventud to achieve what they would like, especially their dreams.

Here's a brief clip the folks at Pepsi shared with us:

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