Why I don't really like Beyoncé, but love her '711' video

OK, guys. You've heard me rant about Beyoncé on Twitter and how she contradicts herself when she talks about 'feminism.' I haven't changed my mind about her -- but I'm really liking her '711' video. Have you watched it yet? If not, take a look here:

Beyoncé 711

I enjoyed watching it because it's laid back and I think most of us can relate. I know I've had my super silly moments when traveling. (I won't get into the lyrics- but the video is awesome.)

Like when she .... kicks her legs in the air from side to side while wearing a 'kale' sweatshirt. WTF?

beyonce 711

... dances in the hotel bathrobe. Come on, who hasn't done that before? beyonce 711

... uses the hotel's blow dryer as a prop

beyonce 711

... wears a fancy sheer dress with a cap, jacket, and briefs beyonce 711

... and when she jumps on and off the bed

... oh, and did you see the mess on the floor and the room service cart? Glad I'm not the only one who does that!

Overall, it inspired me to 'loosen up' a bit more- and not just while traveling.

What did you think of the Beyonce's '711' video?

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