Here's what happened when we first Googled "Caitlyn Jenner"

For a short, brief moment even Google had no idea who Caitlyn was. caitlyn jennfer bruce

I was on Twitter when I came across a tweet from Caitlyn Jenner. I was like, "Who's this on the cover of Vanity Fair?" I went to Google for the answer, but the search engine thought I meant "Kaitlyn Jenner."

So fine. I went along with Google's suggestion only to find out this is the man formerly known as Bruce Jenner.

caitlyn jenner

I'm sure by the time I publish this post everyone will know Caitlyn Jenner.

As much smack we hear and talk about the Kardashians, we hope the Jenner and Kardashian family are coping well, and we wish Caitlyn lots of happiness. We love the name!

See the story on Vanity Fair .


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