Casa de Campo Vacation on a Budget

By Mercedes Sanchez For several reasons, I've been trying to stick to a budget. So it was only natural that I hesitated when my cousins asked me if I wanted to rent a villa in Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic for a week- but I went! Take a look at some of the photos below. I used my Latina smarts and made this trip possible.

If you're on a tight budget, here are some tips on how you can enjoy a few days off without spending much:

Don't buy any new clothes

Repurpose! For last year's vacation, I went credit card happy and bought several new outfits and expensive bathing suits. With the exception of a few Victoria's Secret items I purchased with a gift card-- I didn't buy any new clothes for my trip. As hard as it sounds, you too can resist! Besides.. When going on a tropical vacation where you might spend most of your time by the pool or beach, there's a good chance you won't be wearing much anyway.

Make your own cocktails Skip the bar! Upon arrival, hit the local liquor store or supermarket and stock up on what you'll need to make your favorite cocktail. In my case, we went to el Jumbo in La Romana.

Split the costs Our villa (pictured above) had eight bedrooms, full kitchen, private chef, butler, pool and jacuzzi, laundry, room service and so much more! We divided the costs (including tips, groceries, golf cart rentals, etc.) between 15 people.

For more details on the villa we stayed at, take a look at the photos on the Casa de Campo Living Web site. And take a look at my pics below:

[nggallery id=41]

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