Summer Cleaning Tips

Easy and Affordable Products for Summer Cleaning By Mercedes Sanchez

summer cleaning tips

Next week is the official start of summer, and it's important to clean out our closets.

Here are four tips I shared on my lifestyle/home segment on Telemundo this morning to help you succeed in your cleaning-- just how our grandmothers and parents taught us-- only in less time.

Watch segment below or, see what I wore to the segment here

1. Dusters

First, keep your shelves, purses, and shoes free from dust with a good duster-- like the Swiffer 360 Dusters. They trap and lock more dust than a regular feather duster or dry rag. And if you have pets, it also traps allergens from cats and dogs.

swiffer 360 dusters telemundo

For those hard to reach places like tall lamps, I recommend the Swiffer Dusters Extender* which goes out  up to three feet with an extendable duster handle that pivots and locks into four different positions just how Nathalia from Telemundo demonstrated.

mercedes sanchez swiffer telemundo

Swiffer 360 Dusters, available at a drugstore or supermarket in your area. $10

2. Dehumidifer 

During the winter many of us use a humidifer to prevent dry skin, and to add moisture to the air. But extra humidity in the summer time is unpleasant as we all know. So instead, invest in a dehumidifer like this one here from Bed Bath and Beyond which helps prevent mold in your clothes, bathroom, and anywhere in your home.

Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier

Eva-Dry Dehumidifier. Available at Bed Bath and Beyond. $24.99

3. Stain Removers 

As much as we try to prevent stains from the family BBQ, sometimes it's just inevitable. Make sure you have strong yet safe stain removers at home like these from Seventh Generation. They have a chlorine-free formula making it safe for clothes and gentle on the skin.

seventh generation telemundo

Prices for Seventh Generation products start at $4.99

4. Grill Cleaner

For removing grease from the outdoor grills, I recommend the Goo Gone Grill Cleaner which - as the name states- quickly removes the 'goo', making cleaning up just a little easier for you.

goo gone grill cleaner bed bath and  beyond

Available at Bed Bath and  Beyond. $7.99

Watch Telemundo segment here: 

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