america Bros Who Are Too Close I recently told a guy friend of mine that he should get over his "bromances" and settle down with a female partner.

He wasn't sure what the term meant, so I broke it down for him...

There have been recent articles, including Gawker's "Over Analyzing the Bromance" that speak on this topic. The gossip-based Web site describes Bromance as "close friendships between hetero dudes." Pretty simple, right?

There's nothing wrong with guys hanging out. Happy hours or watching sports from a living room is normal behavior and for the most part, acceptable. But apparently today's men are over-exceeding the time spent together, and many women might think that's a problem. america

No two relationships are the same, but with studies showing that the average marrying age for a man is now 27 as opposed to 23 in 1960, more women are waiting a little longer for these bromances to end. For the men involved in a bromance, I advise that you find the love of your life, get hitched, love your mate and see your boys every other weekend.

I agree that life is short and big decisions should be made carefully...but still I included some fun tips on getting serious:

Three Advantages to Getting Over The Bromance and Settling Down: 1. Moving In Together: You can split the rent with your lady friend. Let's face it, most couples ('couples' can have various definitions) spend a lot of time in each other's home. Moving in together can mean dividing cable costs, rent, groceries, utilities...The list is endless. 2. Marriage: Think about it as a business proposal. In addition to the aforementioned, you can combine your incomes, claim each other in your tax return and get loads of money back from the government. 3. Love: As corny as it sounds, everyone needs some lovin' including tough guys who have a problem showing emotions. *mercedes sanchez