"I Want to Turn the World Gay"

By Camlyn V. In light of the Pride Parade in NYC, contributing writer Camlyn shares her observation on the Gay Community.

There is nothing I love watching more than men in heels and heart thumping pelvic thrusts and this is what Lady Gaga is all about! The reigning pop culture icon recently discussed her latest single “Alejandro” during a Larry King Live interview. The lady described her newest video as a “celebration of my love and appreciation for the gay community, my admiration of their bravery and their love for one another, their courage and their relationships….” Gaga proves that she is a strong activist inside and outside her recording studio, combating homophobia in her music pieces. In her interview, Gaga also discussed the music industry’s issues and problems concerning homosexuals and how her music embraces them. Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Germanotta) could not have chosen a better time to arrive. She has revolutionized the music industry with her intense visions, outspoken ideas, and daring style. Not only is Gaga an amazing artist but she’s also a great equal rights supporter.

Showing up to Washington, D.C. in October of last year, Lady Gaga, along with other stars like Cynthia Nixon, attended the Human Rights Campaign and the National Equality March where the crowd went "gaga" for Gaga. She captured the attention and gained the admiration of many as she proclaimed to our own President Obama: “ARE YOU LISTENING? We will continue to push your administration to bring your promise of equality,” witnessed the Washington Post.

However, what does the Latino community think of gay issues? We have never heard more talk about homosexuality, than when the beautiful Ricky Martin announced his sexuality claiming he is a “fortunate homosexual,” as if we didn’t already think so! Other Spanish star Christian Chavez, singer from popular Mexican sensation RBD, came out to the world last year. However, we don’t see anyone’s face more than Perez Hilton. The gossip king openly speaks about his coming out experience to CNN: "At the beginning, when I came out to my mom, she reacted with a sigh and said, 'You're my son and I have to love you,' " Hilton says. "But now she says, 'You're the best son in the world, and we need to find you a man.' " These men are extremely proud of their sexuality but what about the non celebrities who are dying to “come out” to their parents, their friends and the world? The courage that celebrities have is not the same as regular people, especially young adults.

Latino families have been perceived as families that will never accept a homosexual or transsexual child but this is a stigma that Latino celebrities like Ricky Martin, Christian Chavez, and Perez Hilton are fighting to change.

Along with many others, celebs have made a great effort to raise awareness and do a fantastic job supporting the Gay/LGBT Community. The gay community is one that has been struggling for acceptance and continues to fight for their rights today. You would figure that with all this democracy and equal rights for the people talk would apply to everyone. Currently the gay couples are only allowed to marry in a few selected states- giving homosexual couples some freedom rather than all the freedom they deserve. These celebrities are fighting for all LGBT rights and urge everyone to accept people as they are. They urge families especially to try and support this brave outing of their own personal decision and what their heart desires.

“It isn’t equal if it's sometimes. I want real democracy. Imagine all the people could love equally.” -Lady Gaga