By Mercedes Sanchez 2010 introduced technology that influenced the already changing world of publishing. To discuss journalism among Hispanic writers and bloggers, we met with Latina Magazine's Co-President and Editorial Director Galina Espinoza out of her Madison Avenue office. Watch our exclusive on-camera interview on BeChicTV here or below.

If there's anyone who can speak about the shift in the business, it's Espinoza. The first-generation American of Ecuadorian descent rejoined the magazine after four years as a staff writer at Money Magazine and senior editor at People Magazine.


We love to learn how editors--especially those who make regular TV appearances such as Galina who's often invited as a pop culture expert to shows like Access Hollywood-- keep their skin healthy.

"My abuelita [grandmother] was an Avon sales-woman for about 40 years. So I feel everything I've learned about taking care of my skin, I learned from abuelita," says Galina. "She would take her favorite jar of moisturizer and show me how to massage the cream into my face. So I'm pretty religious about moisturizing." At least four other people in the room, including one BeChic intern, had a grandmother who sold Avon products! We smell a potential Latina story idea...

LATINOS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2011 One of the leading actors to keep your eye on is Edgar Ramirez who had an independent filmed called Carlos in 2010 where he plays a famous Latin American assassin. "It got a lot of buzz at the Cannes Film Festival, and Hollywood payed attention. He has many movie projects lined up for 2011."

Find out which Latinas, Galina says paved the way for the next generation stars who are about to take 2011 by storm in our on-camera interview on BeChicTV below.