Misty Copeland Brings Art to Life in the March Issue of Harper's BAZAAR

Misty Copeland and Edgar Degas: Art of DanceBy Camlyn V., Contributing Writer

Mixing elements of art and bringing them to life is what the amazing ballerina Misty Copeland does with Edgar Degas’ famous ballet paintings in Harper’s BAZAAR


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Misty Copeland in Valentino 

The complexity of posing for images inspired by Edgar Degas’s paintings was the real highlight for Misty. "It was interesting to be on a shoot and to not have the freedom to just create like I normally do with my body. Trying to re-create what Degas did was really difficult.” But like a true artist, Copeland captivated Degas' sentiments and illusions and literally brought art to life. "That's what I think is so beautiful and difficult about dance too," says Copeland. "You're trying to strive for this perfection, but you still want people to get that illusion that your line never ends and that you never stop moving."

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Misty Copeland in Capezio and Roberto Cavalli

"We just want to be in control of ourselves and our bodies." - Misty Copeland

It’s all about the details to dancers. “I think all dancers are control freaks a bit. We just want to be in control of ourselves and our bodies,” says Copeland.  “That's just what the ballet structure, I think, kind of puts inside of you. If I'm put in a situation where I am not really sure what's going to happen, it can be overwhelming. I get a bit anxious."

She hides her anxiety well!

Misty Copeland adorned these photographs in the best of the best with pieces by Oscar de la Renta, Valentino and Roberto Cavalli. The Misty Copeland and Dega: Art of Dance collaboration is a true definition of surrealism.

The March issue is now in newsstands.

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