Personal Post: Sorry I was MIA this week! Here's what I've been up to

keep nativity open I don't know if you've heard, but the Archdiocese of New York plans on shutting down many churches in the NYC. My local parish is affected.

A couple of parishioners have been gathering and having casual conversations about what we can do as a parish in effort to save our church. In addition to letter writing, we also started a social media campaign, "Keep Nativity Open," to let the cardinal and archdiocese know who we are, and show them that we are a parish that's alive and active.

I'll keep the politics out of it in this post, but you can take a look at the parishioners' short videos, photos, and testimonies on,, and

The media has taken an interest in our story and the campaign has been featured in national and local news like Noticias Mundo Fox, DNAinfo, Telemundo, El Diario/La Prensa, and the East Village Grieve.

Some folks have said that perhaps it's too late, or that there's nothing anyone can do, or said 'you can just go to another church.' But it's not that simple. How can I just sit and 'wait' for our parish to close and not do anything about it?

Anyway, thanks for your patience and your support! I'll be back on TV on Tuesday talking about Holiday Gift Ideas for the Whole Family. So stay tuned.