Nissan Launches New Facebook Page

By Camlyn V.

Did you know that in July Nissan launched what they refer to as their Hispanic Facebook page?

We held a Q&A via phone with Nissan’s Director of Interactive & Social Media Marketing Erich Marx and the woman behind the Nissan Workshop at the National Council of La Raza Annual Conference Victoria Negrete.

When did Nissan start thinking of branching out and launching this new Facebook page? Is the page only in Spanish? Erich: I've been thinking about this project for about a year and it hit home while talking to Victoria. I noticed that this was an overwhelming opportunity in the Hispanic market and social media seems like a natural fit.

Although the page is in Spanish, Marx told us that they want to focus on the Hispanic culture and encourage their audience to post in whichever language they choose -- whether it be English or Spanish.

Who are you targeting?

“We realize that social media is growing across all demographic, mainly 18 to 29-year-olds as well as 29 to 34-year-olds,” says Marx.

According to their research, women are much more Internet savvy than men. Marx tells us that they aren’t targeting a certain age demographic; however, as a car company with a motive, they are reaching people who are clearly interested in Nissan cars or sports cars.

What does Nissan anticipate from this new facebook page?

In Mexico, Nissan is the number one car brand, and we are not in the United States. Our goal is to expand and gain that loyalty that we have in Mexico, in the US. We want to build a strong brand among the Hispanic community through social media and build loyalty by engaging in a strong connection.

We are excited about this new project because for the first time in three years there is a unique, original, Nissan Hispanic page along with a new television commercial with its original song.

You can find Nissan's new page at

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