...That's What Lucky Cheng's Burlesque Host Says, and I Agree Jo Boobs at the Starshine Burlesque After leaving an Indian restaurant in the East Village, my girlfriend and I were looking for a spot to have a few drinks. We passed Lucky Cheng's on First Avenue when she said, "Hey, want to stop in there?" I've been to the drag-themed bar once before for a bachelorette party, but this time we just stopped to have a "Pink Pussy" aka a cocktail related to the Cosmo. And to our surprise, it was burlesque night.

The restaurant's back room turned into the Starshine Burlesque where real women plus one tranny and one magician got down to their pasties and undies. But it wasn't the thought of the half-naked ladies that left an impression on me. Instead it was the introduction monologue said by Tigger- a man with drag make up wearing nothing but fishnet stockings, a NYC '88 top and an Empire State Building brochure covering his penis (which didn't quite cover it at all).

Tigger compared the New York City of the late 80's to the NYC of today and said, "Back then we didn't need silicon tits or nose jobs, or a personal trainer. We used the beauty of talent. But nowadays, it's all fucked because New York is getting more and more like America." How true is that? In a post last year, I wrote about how New York City has lost some of its flavor. And listening to Tigger last night reassured me that New York just isn't what "New York" used to mean. But, I honestly can't describe or explain what it's becoming and that's quite frightening.

"I have mixed feelings about being an American, but I am definitely a New Yorker." - Tigger

I searched for a YouTube clip of his monologue and found this amatuer video of a previous show.

Check out the Starshine Burlesque on Thursday nights. Lucky Cheng's. 24 First Avenue.