VIDEO: OITNB's Diane Guerrero Hosts Orgullosa's "Living Fabulous" Panel

Diane Guerrero and panelists discuss mentoring, careers and being Latina I'm so glad I made it out to Orgullosa's Living Fabulosa event last night. Diane Guerrero, one of the stars from Orange is the New Black, led a panel discussion on inspiring Latinas to reach their full potential. Panelists included Eliana Murillo, Head of Multicultural Marketing at Google; Janet Jones, Founder of the Vixen Workouts; Emmelie De La Cruz of The Branding Muse; Denise Soler Cox, Project Enye Founder; and, Raquel Sofia, Singer/Songwriter.

Watch some of my favorite highlights in the following video:

diane guerrero living fabulosa

"Sometimes I get these scripts and I'm like, 'Where am I? Where's my story?' The worst thing you can do is shy away from something that you're frustrated with... I know there are Latino lawyers and I know there are Latino teachers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and artists. Why are they not being portrayed? I'm not going to shy away from that. Let me contribute so we can go about that change. " - Diane Guerrero

living fabulosa and eliana murillo google

"[At Google,] I'm one of the few women and one of the few Latinas in the room. There are mornings when I tell my friend who went to Brown, hey, I have this big meeting and I really need my team to grasp what I'm pitching. I need to get them on board with my plans and my strategy... Do I look too Latina? Is my hair too big? Should I get smaller earrings? And then there was this moment when I realized I have to embrace what makes me different." - Eliana Murillo

emmelie de la cruz the branding muse

"We need to stop waiting, as women and as Latinas, for people to give us permission to do what it is that we want to do. What if these women were still waiting? Stop waiting and just do it." - Emmelie De La Cruz.

vixen workout janet jones

Watch the video on top to see what Janet, Denise and Raquel Sofia had to say.

Mercedes of Be Chic Mag at the Orgullosa Living Fabulosa event

Diane Guerrero also took a moment to speak about voting and being politically active:

orgullosa living fabulosa

Thanks to Orgullosa for the invitation.

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