Drive-Thru Weight Loss

Our health contributor looks into Taco Bell's 2010 'Jared' By Shelika Baez


Meet Christine. She lost over 54 lbs and feels great! How'd she do it? Well, by eating only from Taco Bell's new healthier Fresco menu.

If last decade taught us anything, it was that people are willing to go to any extreme in order to achieve "skinny status" of weight loss. Diet fads such as the Atkins, South Beach, Master Cleanse, and Cookie diet just to name a few were among the ringleaders in extreme dieting. Fast Food restaurants also joined in the campaign claiming that not all their food was unhealthy.

One familiar personality pioneering the "fast food can be healthy" campaign was Subway restaurant loving Jared Fogle. Contributing his dramatic weight loss to a Subway only diet changed the face of Fast Food and thus kicking off a domino effect of healthier options on the menus of competitors.

Taco Bell's infomercial styled ad introducing the new Drive-Thru Diet claims that eating from the seven new lower calorie options will help you shed the pounds. Though we're not sure we recommend it, visit their Web site and you can even pledge to start your own Taco-bell based diet by filling out a questionnaire.

If we have learned anything from the past is that, there is no shortcut to weight-loss. Eating less calories than what you burn off in exercise is the only way to achieve the healthy weight loss. Here's hoping Christine doesn't end falling off the endorsement wagon like Jared!