BOOK REVIEW By Carolina Baker

book_cover I recently finished Mary Tomer’s book Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy. The book is a compilation of pictures, interviews and opinions showing the evolution of Michelle Obama’s fashion style. I read about designers like Jason Wu, Kai Milla, Michael Kors and the effect Michelle Obama has had in fashion and on American women. I had no idea that the J. Crew outfit she wore to the Tonight Show sold out hours after she appeared or that each item worn generated a 200-person wait list by the end of the week.

Mary Tomer touched a cord by showing how the First Lady makes fashion work for her as a working mother, a wife and an educated woman. My opinion for her as a fashion icon evolved as I delved deeper into the book and was shown how she dresses to please herself as opposed to a way that is meant to be of service to her status.

I found myself gazing for quite some time at the pictures Tomer included, appreciating how Michelle Obama stands out in crowds of coats, turtlenecks and buttoned-up suits portraying youth, optimism and modernity. Maybe Michael Kors said it best, "Looking good doesn’t exclude educated women. It’s okay to be interested in fashion and taken seriously."

Our editor Mercedes Sanchez spoke with the author on-camera about the Mrs. O blog and Tomer's book deal. To see the interview click here

Mrs. O: Face of Fashion Democracy is in bookstores now and on Amazon.com $25.99

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