Father's Day Gift Guide

What's a good Father's Day gift?

Instead of giving him another watch or tie for Father's Day, give the special man in your life (your dad, brother, friend or husband) something he really wants or needs. We compiled a list of gifts under $100 alongside the men bloggers from our Men's Edition column. Not sponsored. We pulled these items for review. 



I didn't know drones were available for purchase at department stores now. This compact drone comes with a remote control for taking aerial photos and videos. Available at T.J. Maxx for $59.99. 

Father's Day

Amazon has a sale until June 17 (9PM). The Fire tablet (above) is only $49.99, while the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is $20 off for a total of $99.

fathers day  Men's Beauty & Grooming 

As you know, beards are in style. Get him accessories and products he needs to maintain those locks in good shape. (I catch my husband combing his mustache and beard a couple of times a day.)

Cologne & Scented Soap 

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With summertime arriving, so should Dad's scent for summer 2017. Musgo Real- Oak Moss is a fresh start. Think green and woodsy. A perfect "layer up” for social outdoor activities from BBQs, day events to shuffling dominos mid-afternoon. The scent surely is mascunline but not overpowering. A very bold first impression but mellows out with time, and grows towards a soft floral scent with a mild hint of a woodsy finish for any muggy summer day. Perhaps the Classic version has a more subtle scent. $55 at ClausPorto.com. - Ari H.

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Also from the Musgo Real, we tried their soap on a rope. If your dad is old school, he probably still uses a bar of soap instead of body wash. With Musgo Real Spiced Citrus Soap give him the gift of convenience and elegance. Not only will his skin be moisturized (made with 100% vegetable oils and walnut extract), he’ll  smell different from the typical souped-up men's products out today. Ginger and nutmeg notes give it a woody scent while the twist of lemon and neroli (which I learned is an extract from the flowers of a Spanish orange) mix well and create a smooth summer aroma. The soft cotton rope fits either wrist comfortably  and is great if the shower has a hook. Showering with Musgo Real’s Spiced Citrus feels as if you are in a relaxing spa, leaving its great aroma in the bathroom even after you’re done showering. While gifting a bar of soap may give the wrong impression, Musgo Real soaps are meticulously made and packaged individually by hand in wax paper. Just tell your dad you want him to stay moisturized, smell like success, and use only the finest ingredients for his skin. $2o at ClausPorto.com - Danny P. 

Beard Comb 

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How about a comb that fits in your wallet like this one from Go-Comb, a Brooklyn based grooming brand that creates stylish and lightweight combs the size of a credit card that can easily fit in your back pocket or wallet. The Black Matte Go Comb is a great gift for men with facial hair. I've had a beard for over two years and never really thought of carrying a comb until now. I always thought it would be just another item taking space in my pocket along with keys, wallet and my cell phone. Go-Combs are perfect for minimalists with facial hair as they are pocket friendly and sized to fit your wallet. For the past two weeks, it goes with me everywhere. It definitely helps keep some of the wild hairs settled. Go-Combs can also  be personalized with an engraved name to add an endearing touch. Prices start as low as $13.99. Get 20% off with code: HAPPYDAD. - Danny P. 

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Summer Accessories 

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If he's into prints, consider a shirt from the Resort 18 collection of Cubavera, a Cuban menswear brand. We attended a press preview last week and the tops are versatile (solids, prints,) and most importantly - comfortable. The Cubavera is an updated version of the traditional "guayabera." You can find several options for less than $100 at Cubavera.com or at Macy's. 

The following outdoor accessories are available at JCPenney. 

Father's Day bbq set

Accessories for summer outings like this easy 11-piece BBQ set are also ideal for Father’s Day. I love this because he can neatly pack up the tools, and it comes in this easy-to-carry case. You can get also get the case personalized with a monogram.

fathers day bbq

A set of cards for games during the family gatherings.

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And for the dad who likes to walk or work outside, a new pair of headphones and armband for his smart phone. 

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 What makes a good Father's Day gift?