Holiday Etiquette: What To Do If You Don't Like Your Gift

As I was walking to the office on Monday, a correspondent from "Al Rojo Vivo," a national program on Telemundo, called to see if I could give commentary on holiday etiquette. It was perfect timing as I was also prepping for a holiday gift guide segment for the next morning.diego arias al rojo vivo

You can watch the Spanish-language interview here (1:30), or see my tips below.

Holiday Etiquette 


If you receive something you already have, or don't want, you should still say thanks and smile. Accept it anyway. You don't want to offend anyone- even if it's your closest friend or a family member.

Many people include a return receipt so taking it back to the store is always an option.

Regifting, however, has a negative connotation. Of course you can do whatever you want with your present. But if you are thinking about passing it forward, make sure it's to someone who has absolutely no mutual friends.

Consider keeping it and putting it away on a shelf. You never know how it can be useful in the future.

Finally, remember that the gift is a mere gesture to express that they're thinking of you. It's not really about the actual gift. Accept it. Be gracious and thankful and know that you're loved.

What do you do with a gift you don't need? 

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