Get Your Penny’s Worth at JC Penney - Literally!

What can you buy with a penny? I would normally say absolutely nothing. However, JC Penney just kicked off its "Get Your Penney's Worth" campaign where they're offering one-cent deals on selected items with "Penney Days."

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To make a point about Penney Days, JC Penney sent us this super cool gum ball machine and a roll of pennies.

I had to literally use a penny to get my hands on those sweets. Kudos to whomever came up with that idea! I'm already getting something out of using pennies.

jc penney gum ball machine

Lifestyle Expert Mercedes Sanchez 

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JCPenney is hosting its first week of Penney Days right now. 

The campaign is designed to remind people of the power of a penny and JC Penney's commitment to making sure every shopping experience is worth their time, money and effort!

Kristen Chenoweth hosts event in Union Square in New York City 

kristen chenoweth and jc penney

I had the pleasure of meeting actress Kristen Chenoweth this week at the JC Penney truck in Union Square where New Yorkers stopped by to see just how much they can get with a penny.

Folks who work and live in the area stopped by to play a fun game à la Prize is Right with the Penney Drop game where contestants were given a flat disc and won prizes. I too joined in on the fun.

so worth it jc penney

JC Penney Get Your Penny's Worth Truck in Union Square 

jc penney shopper so worth it

Participants showed us their prizes. One person took home a hand mixer and others won household gifts such as a KitchenAid Tool Set, cook wear and purses.

so worth it

JC Penney #SoWorthIt 

jc penney shopper so worth it

mercedes sanchez be chic mag

jc penney so worth it

I had a blast at the JC Penney truck in Union Square this week. I encourage you to take advantage of their Penney Days throughout the year to get your hands on private brands that offer the perfect blend of style, quality and value.

What would you like to buy with a penny?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JCPenney. The opinions and text are all mine.

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