We're featured in Forbes!

What a great way to start the week. I'm featured in a Forbes article about running my own business. latina entrepreneurs Here's an excerpt from the article:

Forbes: What is your main hustle?

Mercedes Sanchez: I launched BeChicMag.com, my beauty and style site in 2007, and it picked up in 2010 when I started to post more consistently.  Eventually I began to partner with brands on creating original content on and off the blog. Today I also share my lifestyle tips on television.

Forbes: Do you have a side hustle?

Sanchez: When I’m not blogging or doing TV, I work as a public relations manager for a local college here in New York City.

Forbes: How do you stay authentic to who you are?

Sanchez: Keeping up with the blog, life, and a part-time PR gig isn’t easy. The everyday hustle is exciting but it can also be exhausting. I’ve learned to take time to unplug and live outside of the blog. Time off keeps me grounded and also inspires me.

  • Thanks so much to Vivian for thinking of me!

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