Mercedes on AOL Latino | English Translation

I was recently interviewed by AOL Latino for their new online segment called "Mujeres Como Yo." Since the interview is in Spanish, I thought I'd translate it for my non-Spanish speaking readers and viewers. And let me tell you, I spent a few hours practicing my Spanish in front of the mirror the night before! Here I am sharing my very personal entrepreneurial story about the challenges I've faced with my online business and the goals I hope to meet. Career Coach Mariela Dabbah from AOL Latino gives me some tips that many other aspiring entrepreneurs and bloggers can benefit from.

Take a look at the segment here. The English translation is posted below the clip. Please let me know your thoughts!


Hi, I’m Mariela Dabbah-  your guide to education and careers here in Tu Voz. We present Mercedes Sanchez- a young woman who joined the world of blogging with her site specializing in fashion and style. Let’s meet her:

Hi, I’m Mercedes Sanchez and I’m the founding editor of I started the site in September of 2006 after leaving the New York Post. I left my position there to work for a politician, but I wanted to continue writing on fashion and beauty. And that’s how BeChic got started.

Until a year ago, I was a television producer but was laid off when the recession hit. So today, I work at a local college in their public relations department. My biggest challenge is economic. For the most part, I work alone and without a budget. And to maintain a site like mine, there are costs. While I consider myself to be a good producer and know how to create content and write articles, I’m not a web designer. So whenever I want to change the look of the page or need technical help, I hire a freelancer and he charges. So… I need money. Two years ago, I also launched the digital channel BeChicTV. I bought a microphone, camera and tripod and everything comes out of pocket. And that’s a big challenge for me because after being laid off the full-time job, I simply can't afford it.

I think my business hasn’t expanded as much as I would like it to because I haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to it. What I need now is strategic help with my project.

Mariela’s Tips:

Mercedes, in addition to the content you already post, I think you should focus on updating your site with new content more often. Also, I suggest you look into media partnerships and collaborate with other magazines and exchange content to drive more traffic to your site.

I also recommend that you engage more often in Twitter Parties – and that you organize one of those Twitter Parties— so that you can meet other organizations and people and potentially start a relationship out of the internet and get to know them personally in conferences or at events.

I think partnerships are fundamental in starting your small business. One way is to have an event and invite your followers and make partnerships with organizations so that they can be the ones in charge of getting people to your event.


Speaking about Twitter parties, I'm hosting my very first one tomorrow, Tuesday May 3rd at 8p.m. Get full details & RSVP here.