Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from BeChic By Mercedes Sanchez nyc christmas Merry Christmas, everyone!

How we celebrate

My family and I usually celebrate Noche Buena-- Christmas Eve -- with a big meal and relatives but this year we decided to get together and exchange gifts on Christmas Day.

We have tons of cousins who are now married and have kids of their own. So we set up a Kris Kingle -- that way we only have to get one person a gift (and of course all the kiddies!) I think it's pretty smart!

Chic Coats for winter


Waiting for the last minute

Thanks to I bought my Kris Kingle's gift earlier this month, but I almost waited to the last minute for everyone else. The BF and I strolled the streets of NoHo and Union Square last night. I was prepared to wait on long lines, but apparently we went to the right stores! There were no lines and found most of our items 40% off already discounted prices. Gotta love it!

Eyeshadow for your holiday party

Wishing you a happy holiday

We pray that no matter how you celebrate the holidays that you are surrounded by family and/or great friends! Have a safe and blessed Christmas! - Mercedes

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