5 Things You Don't Know About Me and the Relaunch of Be Chic TV

Six years ago I used to create biweekly lifestyle videos consisting of makeup tutorials, red carpet movie premieres and celebrity interviews. I enjoyed it so much and today I decided it was time to start making videos again. See the first video where I share some things you may not know about me and plans for the blog. 

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5 Things You May Not Know About Me: 

  1. I launched my lifestyle blog, Be Chic Mag, in 2007 and now I share my style and beauty tips on TV.
  2. I was a news producer NBC New York and a features writer for the New York Post. I got into public relations when I worked for the Bronx Borough President and I've been working in PR for the past five years.
  3. I was born and raised in New York City's Lower East Side.
  4. I'm recently married.
  5. My parents are Dominican.

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In the video above I also talk about my plans for the blog for this new year.

You may have noticed some recent posts have been written by contributing writers. I used to call contributors the "Be Chicas" six years ago and I'm happy to have writers again on the blog.

latina lifestyle expert

My goal is to post a new video biweekly or at least once a month.

Take a look at our introduction video and let me know what you think!

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