Vlogging through Washington Square Park and the Lower East Side

Hi, folks! I've been trying to get back to vlogging. I used to do more "life casting" back in 2008 and 2009, and I'm hoping to start it again. A few days ago I brought the camera with me through Washington Square Park and on our way to dinner and a movie in the Lower East Side. Watch the video above for the full video.  mercedes sanchez be chic mag

Washington Square Park is one of New York City's finest gems - especially after the renovation that took place a few years ago. 

mezzeto lower east side

We stopped by Mezetto, a Mediterranean restaurant in the Lower East Side. It was my first time there. But I used to eat at this location back in the day when it was Oliva. 

mercedes sanchez be chic mag

After dinner we stopped by the Sunshine Theatre on East Houston Street to watch Beatriz at Dinner. Have you seen it? It's not what I expected. The ending had a bizarre twist and it was disappointing. 

lower east side movie

Watch my full video to see all the places we visited this afternoon. I also talk about growing up in the neighborhood and give my review on "Beatriz at Dinner.

be chic mag vlog

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