It's never too early to plan your next vacation. Our lifestyle contributor has one daring suggestion. Do you dare? By Jessica Bianculli

Looking to kill some time on your next trip to Vegas?

jessica3We're not fans of the NRA, but how about killing time with a semi-automatic weapon? The Gun Store, on E. Tropicana Avenue, is about a $10 cab ride from the popular Vegas strip, and offers an array of weapons to choose from as well as some creative targets.

I recently had the chance to go to Las Vegas for the first time.  In between hitting pool parties, night clubs, casinos and restaurants I visited The Gun Store.  I never shot a gun before, let alone be in the same room with one. And here I was with an AK 47, a beretta, a 50 caliber Desert Eagle and a SAW gun, ready to lock and load.

The Gun Store offers shooting packages that range between $100 - $130.  Each package consists of three different guns with a full round of bullets in each.

I purchased their coalition package.  After getting my head and eye gear on, I picked out my Osama Bin Laden target and had a store employee hand me a pistol, rifle and a saw gun as part of my package.  I got trained on my stance and on how to focus on my target and BAM! I was off on a shooting frenzy! (No one was hurt).

I went with my boyfriend, and it was so much fun to see who got a better shot of their target. Granted, the casinos, clubs and pool parties can be fun but there's no other experience like getting the chance to shoot an automatic weapon (especially since New York state rules and regulations do not permit shooting ranges to carry automatic weapons.)

Maybe it's the feeling of power or moxie that drives your adrenaline crazy. Whatever it is, getting to this shooting range is definitely something you should make time for on your next trip to Sin City.

The Gun Store. E. Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas. (702) 454.1110