What does a young Iraqi woman and an American war correspondent have in common? By Carolina Baker

SavedByHerEnemyIn Saved by Her Enemy you'll discover that Rafraf Barrak and Don Teague have a lot more in common than just the experience of war.

Ever since Rafraf Barrak was a child, she had been told that America was Iraq's number one enemy. In her world, Saddam Hussein ruled one of the greatest and most powerful countries on earth. In the days before the American invasion, Rafraf was convinced that Saddam Hussein could defeat George W. Bush's army in days.

However, right after America goes in, Rafraf takes a job as a translator for NBC. She's paired with Don Teague, an NBC war correspondent, and both survive a bomb attack that creates a bond between them neither imagined. The situation in Iraq continues to worsen and insurgents attempt to kidnap Rafraf. Teague and his colleagues come to her aid to help save her life. She receives a gracious offer to relocate to Texas to live with Don Teague's family. Nothing can prepare her for the life of a college student in the States.

In America, Rafraf finds herself questioning her values, her world and her faith. Don Teague and his family are also awakened by Rafraf and aren't prepared for the emotional journey they've embarked upon by bringing Rafraf into their Texan lives.

This story is inspiring for everyone. BeChic readers will find something to make them laugh and cry through the pages. Saved By Her Enemy is in book stores now!