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How do you balance your career & personal relationships?  (Giveaway details towards the end of the post)

When people ask me for tips on balancing a career and personal relationships, I like to think I'm an expert on the topic, but the truth is I'm trying to figure it out just like everyone else.

My career is super important to me, and I actually have two: beauty & style expert and editor of this very blog, and the other where I'm a public relations associate for a business school here in New York City. Managing the two can get a little stressful, but here's how I keep myself sane and my clients happy.

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Career Secrets 

My #1 secret to "doing it all," is to do what you love and realize that you can't always do it all at the same.

As women there are so many things we want to do: climb up the corporate ladder, or build our business, and yes, start a family. The order in which those take place is a personal call.

I believe you can do it all, but you have to decide which one to focus on first.

Tip #2. Plan ahead.

I'ts not only necessary for deadlines and special events, it's also essential for your personal life. For example, there might be an annual networking conference or vacation you want to schedule. Marking it on your calendar early can help you budget for the flight and hotel. It can also help you manage your assignments better and be aware of deadlines you'd have to complete before your trip.

The husband and I actually just got back from a two-week Mediterranean vacation. We almost had to cancel the trip because of a family matter but thanks be to God everything turned out well.

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Tip #3.  Make time to relax 

The key word here is "make." Before returning to the New York City grind this week, I spent part of the 4th of July weekend watching the first season of "El Negocio." It's a series on HBO Latino based on a Brazilian woman named Karin who started her own escort business with a strong marketing and strategy plan.

At first I thought the idea of the show was too daring- but it's more than just about the "escort business." The women on the show are also looking for career-life balance that so many of us struggle with.

el negocio season 2

There's a strong plot line and believe it or not, lots of business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. I often find myself wanting to taking notes. 

The second season premieres this Friday, July 10 on HBO Latino. (See our  giveaway below). 

Tips #4: Stay chic without overspending 

When it comes to shopping, I try to find pieces that are interchangeable for both my work as an on-air beauty expert and for the office as a public relations associate. I have many dresses that I can wear on my morning beauty segments and then walk straight to the office without having to worry about changing outfits.

This also helps me save money. Instead of having to shop for "two wardrobes," I can style my clothes for any occasion. The only part of the outfit that has to change are the accessories, shoes, or handbag.

My personal style is minimal chic so I don't really fuss over shoes or purses. My tip is to invest in one or two classic and timeless accessories without worrying so much about what's trending every month.



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