I was unemployed, uninsured, but not uninspired

My Story By Mercedes Sanchez

I have a birthday this week, and on this Throwback Thursday, I'm being a little reflective. Please allow me to share my personal story about how and when I decided to pursue blogging as a career.

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Mercedes' Personal Story

Originally published in 2011 here.

My Story

As the title says, I was once unemployed, uninsured but never uninspired.

My blogging story goes back to 2006 when I left the New York Post to handle publicity for a politician. I soon realized that I missed the writing, discovering new trends before they hit the pages of magazines and talking to upcoming stars and A-list celebrities. That’s when I launched a site (not realizing it was a blog) where I posted my informal opinions on pop culture, beauty, fashion and my neighborhood.

Seven months within the new job at the politician’s office I got a call from WNBC-TV, three years after I originally applied for a production assistant/segment producer position. Nevertheless, I took their offer. It was an awesome experience but when the recession hit, my one-year-contract wasn’t renewed.

Looking for another full-time position was challenging and at times depressing. I had to remind myself that there was nothing wrong with me. More than half the team from the morning show was let go. However, when I couldn’t find another lifestyle producing position I ‘simply’ made one.

Creating My Own Opportunities

“If I can’t find the job of my dreams, I’ll just do what I love for myself.”

And that’s exactly what I did by deciding to focus all my energy into BeChicMag.com. I updated the look of the site, got serious about posting daily instead of bi-weekly articles on fashion and beauty. I also launched my very own lifestyle channel BeChicTV where I held on-camera interviews with notable experts such as Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia, Vera Wang, Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Jackie Gomez, Nigel Barker, Julissa Bermudez, John Leguizamo and many others!

Passion and Persistence

Sure there were times when I questioned my own ROI, but the time, work and not to mention money that I’ve put into BeChicMag.com are finally paying off. Two years after writing on the latest fashion, beauty and entertainment, reviewing products, covering fashion week and editing videos I realized that my little old blog was becoming a business of its own. And that’s where I am today.

My passion for blogging, my love for informing my readers of upcoming beauty products, sharing my personal style and asking them about theirs in my BeChic Tuesday series and building a community with other bloggers has led to many great opportunities.

- 2011


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