Chic New Year Resolutions

Spend less and buy smart By Mercedes Sanchez

new year resolutions bechic The truth is I haven't made any 'real' resolutions for the New Year, but I can think of several things I want to learn and improve on, like learn how to do my own hair, improve my wardrobe and save more cash. If you have similar goals, take a look at my New Year Resolutions list below.



Spend less by being more self-sufficient

* Learn how to do my own hair, from blowing out to curling. Hoping this would result in less visits to the beauty parlor

* Master at-home manicures and pedicures and avoid spending money at the nail salon.

* Brew coffee at home before heading to the office. Making my own breakfast would be ideal too but I don't want to push it.

Look my best

* Keep blemishes away by removing makeup before bed each night no matter how tired I am.

* Trim my hair once every three months to avoid split ends.

* Avoid teeth stains by drinking less red wine and continuing to drink (bought) coffee with a straw.

Keep wardrobe up-to-date

* Buy one new item once a week to cover the basics like socks, a new blouse, new pair of pants.

* Buy new pair of shoes once every two months, this way I'll always have what I need for any occasion whether it be a party, conference, blogging event, etc.

* Invest in more jewelry like timeless earrings, rings and necklaces and spend less on costume jewels.

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What's your New Year Resolution?