Let's talk beards

Tell us, how do you maintain your beard? 

While having a beard is great, growing it out is a different story. The itchiness, patchiness, doubt, and the naysayers will be the forces against you and might lead you to the blade(s).

Allen cut shave
Allen cut shave

Getting a fresh 'do at Allen Cut & Shave 

Weathering the storm will lead to a new look and accomplishment. Some even have expressed having super powers- or a charming power. And of course, an amazing beard.  Overall, it takes commitment and focus as it comes with some challenges.

If you’re in a relationship, growing a beard can get in the way. Literally.

Your significant other might not be up for your manly adventure. For them, it can be a bumpy, itchy and unwanted ride. With some simple steps and discipline not only will you have them yearning for a stroke or a brush-through, you will also have them notice your upkeep. How you maintain your beard will determine how long you keep your new facial hair, or your significant other.

After you commit, make sure you get some essentials: A beard wash, oil or balm, and a comb.

Products from an event we attended with the Beard Guyz 

beard grooming
beard grooming

A beard wash (or beard shampoo) is easy to use.  Wet the beard and lather. Rinse and you’re done. Just three to four times a week is all you really need; daily won't hurt. No beardruff (yes it’s a thing), and no more itchy spots, as you will be cleaning, hydrating and exfoliating your skin. Your beard will also get some much needed hydration which will help it grow healthier and softer.

beard grooming
beard grooming

Beard oils

Beard oils, balms, or paste all feed your beard. It’s simply moisturizing the skin underneath, while dressing the beard for a full day of work.  Some of these products give you extra shine, some will soften the beard quicker and others will smell great. Daily use is highly recommended.

Get a good comb

Combs are a great way to ensure that your beard is kept in place and tight. Throughout the process you will see you hair grow all sorts of ways: wild, long, short and some prickly hair will appear and need its daily sorting. A comb can also help with spreading any product you have applied. A wooden comb can actually soak oil making it easy to retouch during the day. A good comb doesn't scratch your face.

A beard leads to some one-on-one time with yourself. Think about it, all those visits to your closest mirror and watching how your facial hair gradually grows.

So whatever the reason for growing out your whiskers, remember to maintain them well with a good beard wash, oil and comb. That way you have one less worry and can focus on other life challenges.

Which products do you use?