Men's Edition: Product Review - Daily Facial Cleanser and Moisturizer

We received these men skincare products over the mail. Here's a product review by contributors Danny and Ari.

Which facial cleanser and moisturizer do you use daily?

neutrogena men
neutrogena men

By Danny P.

Although I received this cream over the mail for the blog, I've been using Neutrogena’s Triple Protect Face Lotion for a while now.  I have found it to be great for when I head out to work, out for the weekend, or right before bed. It leaves a pleasant and subtle citrus scent. Because it also helps soothe your face after a shave, it can be a tad greasy, but nothing that will leave a shine. The bottle is perfect for your gym or work bag and fits well with toiletries when you travel. With SPF 20, it will do well to protect your skin against sun rays.

I've been interested in trying out the Age Fighter Moisturizer but never tried it because it's slightly smaller than the Face Lotion and usually double the price. I was also turned away by the name as I’d like to believe I have a few good years left in my youth before I worry about wrinkles. After trying it for a week though, I will definitely switch over to the Age Fighter Moisturizer.  It has a scent similar to sunscreen right out of the bottle but is fragrance-free once applied. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and elastic without leaving a shine or oil. With SPF 15, you are reassured to have protection if you're out in the sun.

I'll still use the Face Lotion from time to time, but my go to from now on will be the Age Fighter Moisturizer. If the added Retinol and multi-vitamins does in fact help keep my skin looking young, then all the better.

By Ari H. 

neutrogena men
neutrogena men

I've been using the Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face for about a week or so. This is not your average face wash, so push aside your old teenage products and get fresh with something manly. After using the wash, you can see, feel and smell the cleanliness within your first wash. A small pea size amount can really work up a lather. It doesn't exfoliate, but even through the beard, I felt it working and it left a refreshing cool feeling as well.

I liked that after rinsing, I didn't feel any soap, or overly dry skin. It really leaves the face clean and ready for some added protection such as moisturizer, beard oil or sunscreen.

Tell us, what's your go-to facial cleanser and moisturizer?