At a blink of an eye cab drivers can become anything you need them to be: A psychiatrist; a friend; heck, even a midwife! But all Ellsworth Forrester wants to be is a rising star.

The Upper West Side has its own creative cabbie who has personalized the interior of his yellow automobile with inspiring buttons inscribed with civil rights quotes and get this- copies of cd’s he sells and promotes right from the cab! Forrester reminds me of David Chappelle’s character in the 1999 flick “200 Cigarettes” who drove the disco cab on New Year’s Eve in Alphabet City- except for the whole pimp thing.

Upon entering Ellsworth Forrester’s cab on the corner of 97th Street and Fifth Avenue I was only focused on getting to my next meeting on time. But after a minute of catching my breath, I couldn’t help but notice the multiple cd’s facing me. I realized too that there was the cd again hanging from his rearview mirror and that the name of the cover matched his taxi license posted on the cab. So I just had to ask, “Are you selling your music from the cab?” And with a gentle smile he replied, “Yes, Ma’am.

“Can’t knock anyone’s creativity, but what these younger folks are calling reggae, you know the dancehall, isn’t really reggae,” says the Grenada native. “Many customers tell me I should get on MySpace to promote the cd. This morning I had a customer buy three albums.”

To get a copy of Forrester's "Mood and Grooves" album which includes smooth calypso, rhythm and blues and authentic reggae, catch the cabbie at *ms

Ellsworth Forrester Moods & Grooves $10 each, or 3 for $25 516.292.4346; 516.314.6722