BROS HIT THE SCREEN WITH THEIR FIRST DOCUMENTARY Calle 13 Sin Mapa Grammy award-winning duo Calle 13 gave one heck of a performance at SummerStage in Central Park on Saturday. We got a chance to sit down with the Puerto Rican natives Residente (Rene Perez) and Visitante (Eduardo Cabra) at the Renaissance Hotel to talk about their upcoming documentary “Sin Mapa” (Without a Map). The film captures the socially and politically conscious brothers’ journey across South America as they explore indigenous music and culture.

Calle 13 and Mercedes Sanchez from

“Latinos need to be more united and more informed to what’s going on throughout Latin America,” says Residente. “We want to make more documentaries on different countries because in this one we were only able to cover a few.  Mexico needs its own documentary. So does Brazil.”

Although they’re known to have fun with their explicit lyrics, Calle 13 also raps on race, social class, pop culture and politics in a genius and satirical manner. In their current album, the group has a single with Panamanian salsero Ruben Blades called “La Perla”.

See the premiere of “Sin Mapa” at the New York International Film Festival on July 29th. - Mercedes Sanchez

See the video of "La Perla" below. If you understand Spanish, please tell us what you think about the lyrics.