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When her single "Ni Una Sola Palabra" from her latest album Ananda blew up the charts and shook the radio waves in United States, Puerto Rico and Latin America, Paulina Rubio practically took over the entire Western hemisphere- but not without a little Eastern influence.

Naming the album after a Buddhist disciple the golden child tries to reflect her happiness in the 13 track cd.

"Ananda means Happiness in Sanscrito," says my girl Pau. "And it's a reflection of my current status. Life is a process of evolution and growth of all forms. With every step we learn something- through the fun and exciting times and also the difficult moments."

If this sounds like a matured woman who knows what she wants it's because she is. And though she claims to be the same as before, some of her closest fans will agree that though she's still fun to watch, a pleasure to listen to and more fun than ever there's a slightly more mature tone to her lyrics and voice.

"I'm the same Paulina I've always been. I don't like stereotypes and I don't think my audience does either," says the Grammy-nominated artist. "My songs cover all topics and once you listen to them you'll find their messages and meanings. I like to feel and look guapa, or sexy like all women. I like when people yell out and call me 'guapa!'"

The Mexican sensation has been an icon to Latinos worldwide since her 1992 album La Chica Dorada (The Golden Girl). But I personally fell in love with Paulina Rubio's radiant and shining personality when I heard her "Yo No Soy Esa Mujer" in 2001. To hear of a sexy Latina's hardcore feminist attitude at a time when there was no Ugly Betty and when novelas portrayed socialites as submissive housewives, was quite liberating! "Finally a woman who's letting a man know her life goal isn't to get married and be swept off her feet," I thought.

From her native Mexico to Spain (her second home) Paulina has got more eyes on her today than ever before. And if you don't understand Spanish, set TiVo to mun2 and check out her sultry video as she kicks butt in her super-woman cape and skin tight leotard. I guarantee you won't take your eyes off Pau.

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